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Dare to Dream

Executive Coaching for Successful Individuals

executive coaching

Coach, Sounding Board, Mentor

Drawing from my extensive experience as an executive, entrepreneur, and coach, I have developed a truly transformative coaching approach that can revolutionize the way you think, work, and conduct business.

The personalized programs I offer yield astounding results, including a crystal-clear vision, heightened effectiveness, and an unparalleled feeling of liberation. I challenge you to dream big.

Our work together is a collaborative journey of self-discovery and growth. I will relentlessly push you to surpass your self-imposed limitations and maintain unwavering focus on manifesting your vision.

Moreover, personalization is paramount. I work exclusively with each client, my proven methodology to deliver exceptional results based on their unique expertise, experiences, and aspirations. Get ready. Dare to dream.

Executive Coaching

The core of our offering. A focused program designed to enhance or refine existing leadership skills.
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Business Consulting

The ability to dive deep into a business and assess the alignment between aspirations and capabilities.
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Staff Development

A program designed specifically for assisting existing or rising leaders refine their leadership skills.
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Results Guaranteed

A fundamental tenant of our programs - we achieve defined outcomes with financial guarantees from us.
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How Coaching Can Benefit You

Executive coaching can be a powerful and inspiring experience for an individual. It is a great opportunity to gain clarity, increase productivity, and build confidence in oneself. Executive coaching allows you to focus on strengths as well as areas of improvement, empowering the individual to make meaningful change. Through executive coaching, individuals can learn how to better manage their time and resources, while also gaining insight into their own unique values and aspirations. With the right coach and a commitment to personal growth, anyone can benefit from executive coaching by developing self-awareness, reflection skills, and emotional intelligence. With the help of a coach’s guidance and support, you can unlock your full potential and discover what it takes to reach your goals!

Mon-Fri: 9 AM – 4 PM

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Our Methodology

Dare to Dream

“I have worked with Jeff for over 10 years, he has taught me so much about being a better leader and helped me take our business to the next level. Jeff is a task master and has always kept me on point in my pursuits. He has been a mentor, advisor and a friend. I would gladly recommend him to anyone who wants to be a better leader and take their business to the next level.”

Vic Macri

Chairman, VMJR Construction

“Having had the privilege of working with Jeff for several years as an executive coach and a chair has been transformational in both my professional and personal life. Jeff has undoubtedly left me better equipped as a leader and I often fall back on his guidance in times of uncertainty. Jeff is truly driven by a desire to help people become the best versions of themselves and works tirelessly to hone his craft. I highly recommend Jeff for one on one and/or group development.”

Eric Nemer

Owner, Nemer Auto Group

“Jeff is a natural leader, mentor and coach.  He has an innate ability to extract the best from anyone he coaches, whether senior most executive or the leadership team.  I’d recommend NewLogiq to anyone looking for more from their business or team.”

Robert Crandall

Area President, Arthur J. Gallagher

“Jeff’s real world business experience gives him a unique, invaluable perspective that benefits any business owner looking to go to the next level.”

Margaret Smith

Owner, Airosmith Development

“Jeff has a knack for uncovering the real issues, even when they may not be obvious to others.  As an individual who successfully built and sold his own businesses, he can truly relate to your business challenges, and with great insight.  I’d recommend Jeff to anyone looking for more from their business or team.”

Jason Baright

Owner, G&G Industrial Lighting

Grow. Transform. Achieve.

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Establish Work and Life Balance

One of the most common goals of executive coaching, aside from improving leadership, is actually realizing work-life balance and being able to enjoy the results of your hard work.

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