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Executive coaching is a process in which an experienced professional works one-on-one with an executive to help them identify and reach their goals, develop strategies to achieve them, and improve their overall performance. It is designed to provide guidance, support, and accountability so that the executive can better recognize strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in order to reach their full potential.

No, an executive coach is not a business consultant, rather we partner with you to help make you a more effective leader.  As part of my coaching philosophy, I will share personal experiences, but ultimately the decision on what and how to implement any business change is up to the coachee.

Most executive coaching engagements last years.  At a bare minimum, a relationship needs to last 1-year in order for meaningful change to be realized and new habits to be fully formed.

I offer a variety of coaching packages, depending upon the frequency of our coaching sessions.  Expect to spend at least $1,200 per month.

Yes, with several of our programs, we offer a guarantee tied to achievement of agreed upon results.  This guarantee includes financial incentives for success and penalties for failure.

What We Offer

Learn the skills you'll need to accelerate your personal and professional growth with our coaching expertise.

“I had been the President of my organization for over 20 years and never had a mentor or advisor.  The company was growing and feeling like I needed to grow too but I wasn’t sure what the best direction would be.  Jeff helped me implement a structure for my company that utilized everyone’s talents (including mine) to the highest and best use.  This ignited all of us to grow and thrive and we kept growing, almost doubling our size and profits.”

Dawn Abbuhl

Dawn Abbuhl

President, Repeat Business Systems

“Jeff has a knack for uncovering the real issues, even when they may not be obvious to others.  As an individual who successfully built and sold his own businesses, he can truly relate to your business challenges, and with great insight.  I’d recommend Jeff to anyone looking for more from their business or team.”

Jason Baright

Jason Baright

Owner, G&G Industrial Lighting

“Having had the privilege of working with Jeff for several years as an executive coach and a chair has been transformational in both my professional and personal life. Jeff has undoubtedly left me better equipped as a leader and I often fall back on his guidance in times of uncertainty. Jeff is truly driven by a desire to help people become the best versions of themselves and works tirelessly to hone his craft. I highly recommend Jeff for one on one and/or group development.”

Eric Nemer

Eric Nemer

Owner, Nemer Auto Group